Gigabyte Releases A Blazing Fast Gen4 NVMe SSD

Tier 1 PC ecosystem manufacturer Gigabyte Technology had recently announcedtheir new NVMe architecture and PCIe 4.0 interface based M.2 SSD.
The new SSD comes in 3 different capacity sizes, uses a full body copper heatsink to bolster heat dissipation during operation, and delivers sequential read/write speeds at 5000/4400 MB/s. GIGABYTE Ultra Durable certified, the new SSD has undergone rigorous stress tests to ensure that the SSD performs at an elite level users expect from an AORUS product.


RT-mix-ProductStage-gen4_ssd_190424_v5_asm-0510aAORUS NVMe Gen4 SSD uses an all new PCIe 4.0 controller with Toshiba Bisc4 Nand Flash memory particles, providing up to a 40% performance boost over PCIe 3.0 which translates to 5000MB/s sequential read speeds. Whether reading data or booting up games, the SSD boasts data transfer rates at unprecedented speeds. The new series offers 3 capacity options at 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, comes in 2280 module sizing, and supports the PCIe 4.0×4 M.2 interface. Whereas SATA SSDs use data and power cables, the M.2 SSDs are easier to configure with its cable free design which also improves airflow in the chassis, increasing overall heat mitigation.    

Diving a little more into the SSD’s materials the Aorus NVMe Gen4 SSD is literally a full slab of copper heatsinks paired with a LAIRD high conductivity thermal pad so heat generated can quickly reach the  sandblasted 30-fin heatsink. With such a well designed heatsink and smart placement, the M.2 slot area is more space efficient and doesn’t feel as crowded to heat doesn’t circulate in that small area of the motherboard. This in the long run is meant to keep temps as cool as possible, and that would mean a longer product lifespan and stable SSD read/write performance. Also, please take note that end users who wish to utilize it’s full PCIe 4.0 performance you’ll obviously need a motherboard that supports the latest PCIe 4.0 controller, you will only attain standard PCIe 3.0 performance if you are using the previous generation. 

Currently, the AMD X570 Motherboard series is able to support this NVMe Gen4 SSD for end users to enjoy its 40% speed boost over the previous generation.

As for local availability, it is available in Malaysia via Lazada/Shoppee and Authorized dealers nationwide, but only the 1TB and 2TB variants have been brought in for now. 

1TB: RM 1199

2TB: RM 2199

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